Women & Healthcare

Having spent the first part of my trip learning about literacy and education initiatives, I am shifting focus to the second theme of my project: how health affects women’s livelihoods and opportunities. Healthcare is a spiderweb of issues and the more I learn, the more cans of worms I feel like I open, but in this post I will try to summarise the main topics. I’ll be blogging more in-depth about specific topics as I learn more over the coming months. Sexual & Reproductive Health Sexual and reproductive health covers a multitude of issues: sex education, pregnancy, access to contraception … Continue reading Women & Healthcare

Things That Matter

The last two weeks have been surreal. I can’t really think of a better word for it. Last Monday, one of my bags got stolen, containing my passport, laptop and travel journal, among other less important things. I’d been back in Sucre to extend my visa, the bus back to Redención was packed and I didn’t realised until we arrived that my backpack hadn’t finished the journey. It sucked. In all my cumulative years of travelling and working abroad, I have never felt so small and alone as I did last Monday night. But this post isn’t about how awful … Continue reading Things That Matter